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"We'll put a smile on your face and a song in your heart!"


Quotes As a professional music therapist, I wanted to find a researched based music program for my daughter and I. Kindermusik was a clear choice. But like any program, the value of the classes depends on the teacher. Kelly makes Kindermusik extra valuable. She is highly professional, makes everyone feel comfortable, gives positive reinforcement, and lets parents know why these activities are necessary for brain development. As a mommy, I see the joy on my daughter's face as she responds to the music in so many different ways. Kindermusik with Kelly will continue to be the music program choice for us. Quotes
Mom of Catherine, age 10 months

Quotes My daughter loves going to see Miss Kelly! As a working mom this is such a treat to watch my daughter interact with other children since I do not have the opportunity to see this while she is at daycare. It warms my heart to see her personality blossom with each Kindermusik session we do. I am so glad we found this! Quotes
Mom of Julia, age 2

Quotes Ms. Kelly's Kindermusik is wonderful! She provides a friendly environment where Jacob can be social and learn to love music. Quotes
Mom of Jacob, age 16 months

Quotes Kelly's classes are well organized and entertaining. A great bonding experience for families; I always look forward to our Wednesday class as "mommy and me" time given my hectic work schedule. Kudos to Kelly for an enriching program! Quotes
Karen D.
Mom of Guilianna, 1 1/2 years

Quotes Our time at Kindermusik with Kelly has been amazing, from singing, to dancing, to the excitement on my sons face when arriving to class every week. It has been wonderful "mommy and me time". Looking forward to future classes!! Quotes
Kimmy B.

Quotes My daughter and I love Kindermusik. It is our time to bond, play and learn. I started when Olivia was 7 months old and I feel she has gained many skills from attending including socialization, wisdom and comprehension. Miss Kelly is awesome and my daughter adores her. All the kids want to hug and sit on Miss Kelly's lap-it's great. She is a gifted teacher, very caring and understanding of schedules and the everyday kid issues. I hope to keep my daughter in Kindermusik as long as I can. Quotes
Mom of Olivia, age 16 months

Quotes As a first time mom I was looking to spend constructive time with my 9 month old. Kindermusik with Miss Kelly has ended up being the perfect fit. Tommy enjoys each session and I'm amazed every class with how much he learns from Miss Kelly and the other kids. He now recognizes the building and gets really excited as soon as we are in the parking lot. Miss Kelly is wonderful with each and every child and really caters to their interests. We can't wait for the next session to begin! Quotes
Mom of Tommy, age 1

Quotes My daughter joined Miss Kelly's class when she was 9 months old and it has been a wonderful experience for both of us. Sometimes I feel I learn as much. if not more, than the kids do! It has truly helped me help my daughter because I take home a wealth of information after every class. I couldn't ask for a better teacher, Miss Kelly is amazing! Quotes
Allysen Storch
Grateful Mom

Quotes My husband and I joined kindermusik with Kelly to spend more quality time with our son Christopher. He thoroughly enjoys music and throughout the week between classes he can be seen singing and dancing. It is such a wonderful experience and we look forward to it each and every week. Watching our son grow with his love of music as well as his opportunity to interact more with children his own age is wonderful. Definitely recommend trying it out! You'll LOVE it. Quotes
Mommy to Christopher 18 months

Quotes My daughter is three and she loves Kelly's class. The children learn about music as well as other fun activities! Quotes
Demetrio S.
Father of Hillary