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"We'll put a smile on your face and a song in your heart!"


Quotes "My daughter has attended several sessions of Kindermusik with Kelly & we have loved every minute of it. All week long we look forward to ?music class with Miss Kelly?. I feel like it is a great bonding opportunity for my daughter & I. Class is always super fun & new things are introduced every week so there is always a surprise. Miss Kelly is an amazing teacher, all the children love her. She makes sure to take the time to make every child feel special. I highly recommend this program!" Quotes
Hayley B.
Rylee's Mommy

Quotes "We joined Kindermusik when our daughter Noelle was 9 months old. Noelle loves music and musical instruments. She started dancing at the same time she began walking at a year old. Noelle also enjoys interacting with other babies and toddlers in Kindermusik Village, as I do with other parents and Miss Kelly. The smiles and laughter shared in the class are one of our weekly highlights as well. I believe our daughter's early interest in music, musical instruments, and dancing is primarily due to participating in Kindermusik." Quotes
Heather B.
Mom of Noelle, 17 months

Quotes "Kindermusik with Kelly has been a great experience for my son, Kenneth M.(3 years old). The music and movement involved in the class has enhanced my son's speech and social skills. The curriculum was included in the program to involve my family at home with this learning process. It has been a great joy to watch my son enjoy the class!" Quotes
Michelle M.

Quotes "My son loves kindermusik! This was his first time taking a class so it took a few classes before he warmed up. Now he is singing the songs at home and excited to go each week! The songs are great and Kelly is a wonderful teacher." Quotes
Kim M.
Mom of Drew, 21 months